How to be more motivated

Ever have tons of things to do, but can’t find the motivation to get to it? Or do you feel demotivated because you think you won’t be able to get it done. Maybe netflix is just more interesting at the moment. For me this is a regular occurrence. That’s why today I’ll be sharing 10 ways to be more motivated!

1. Write down your goals

This will create a clear image of what you want to do. Sometimes we have too much going on in our heads. That’s why when you put pen to paper it becomes much more clear. And when your goals become clear to you, you’ll feel much more motivated to get to them.

2. Listen to/ watch inspirational people

Listen to people who have achieved the things that you want to achieve and use them as inspiration to achieve your own goals. Go on youtube, blogs, instagram, etc. And find people with similar goals. And believe me, you’ll feel a lot more motivated afterwards.

3. Write down the pros and cons

Let’s say your goal is to get healthy. What are the pros? You look and feel better, you’re more confident, you feel less tired, etc. The cons? You have to stop being lazy and workout? You don’t get to eat junk? Most people would say that the pros way out the cons. Try doing this with your goal and you’ll feel more motivated to get to it.

4. Write down your achievements

When you’re demotivated you usually feel like you won’t be able to do it anyway. You tend to forget about the great things you’ve already achieved. So try to think of all the great things you’ve achieved so far and write them down. You’ll see that there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it, because you’ve been able to do t before.

5. Tell yourself you can do it/ Be positive

Negative thoughts may cloud your judgement. you won’t have a clear image of your abilities. So make sure to tell yourself that you can do it. Try looking in the mirror everyday and tell yourself that you can in fact do it. By doing this everyday you’ll notice that you’re more positive and as a result of that more motivated.

6. Write down what you need to do to achieve your goals

You may feel discouraged when you feel like your goal is unreachable. in other words try writing down what it is you need to do in order to reach your goals. Try making a to do list and planning.

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7. Get rid of distractions

We all know that we’re not getting anything done when we’re distracted. So get off youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. and try getting rid of every other distraction you can think of. There are plenty of apps that block these sites to keep you from getting distracted. This way you’ll be able to fully focus on your goals.

8. Get rid of negativity

There will always be people who’ll tell you that you can’t do it. They may be jealous or insecure about themselves. whatever the reason may be, don’t listen to these people! If you work hard there’s nothing that can stop you. And if need be. Cut these people out of your life. Because you don’t need that negativity.

9. Reward yourself

You’ll feel more motivated to complete your tasks if there’s a reward tied to it. So make sure to have a reward planned in when you reach certain milestones, because you deserve it. And afterwards you’ll feel more motivated to continue your journey.

10. announce it publicly

And lastly announce it publicly. If people know about your goal, you’ll feel more inclined to show progress. After all you wouldn’t want to disappoint them. Do make sure that these people won’t try to bring you down while you’re trying to reach your goals.


That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope these tips were helpful! And if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and follow!

And remember:

You got this!

Isabel x


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